Cancer Care

Cancer treatment for you or your loved one at home

Accepting a serious illness like cancer can be one of the most difficult things anyone can face in life. If you or a loved one have cancer and need help with everyday living, we can make your job easier by supporting you at home, whether it is in the form of care support, housekeeping, personal hygiene, or companionship and encouragement. . through some of the emotional issues you may be facing.

At Smile Health Care, we believe that everyone should be able to get the care they need without having to leave home. Because home is an environment where they can be surrounded by the people they love most and their own possessions that hold many sentimental memories.

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Support at home for cancer patients from expert carers

Our carers are trained to provide support for cancer patients, who may be affected by many forms of the illness. And in our 32 years as a provider of quality homecare, we’ve helped people with all forms of the disease. We not only work alongside our customers’ doctors and Macmillan nurses to provide them with the best possible support, but endeavour to help family and friends too.

Caring for people with cancer can be difficult for family members, and we will always do our best to support yours. By providing cancer care at home for your loved one, you and your family can concentrate on spending quality time together without having to be the primary private carer. With our help, you can focus more of your time and energies on being a family.

What does cancer care include?
  • Administering medication
  • Low-grade medical support, such as supporting with bowel, stoma and catheter care
  • Personal care, if needed, such as bathing, changing clothes or help going to the toilet
  • Support post chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormonal therapy
  • Moving safely around the home
  • Running errands, such as collecting prescriptions and shopping for food. Managing your hospital visits.
  • Help around the home, whether it’s cooking meals, vacuuming or doing the laundry, maintaining a healthy diet and environment is important to your well-being.
  • Companionship – many of our carers become more like friends to the people they support

How to arrange visiting care

Speak to our team

Call our team of experts on 01206266815 to talk through your options and any questions you may have regarding your care

A free home care assessment

Your local Smile health care manager will visit you to discuss your requirements and learn about the type of carer you’re after.

Find your perfect carer

We’ll help to match you with a carer that meets your preferences and has the right skills and experience for your needs.


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