Errands and Shopping Care

Support in all shapes and sizes

While many people consider care to be support with personal care or medication administration, we also focus on the other tasks many may forget such as running errands, grocery shopping and support with social activities.

Whether you want someone to just pop in a couple of times a week to take you to your social club or are in need of a little more time, we can plan care which fits around your schedule. With visits from just 30 minutes a week to full-time live-in support, you can really pick how much assistance you need.

Your personal assistant can complete shopping tasks, paperwork, attend appointments with you, offer concierge services and help to access your local community. By following your direction and instructions we will be able to assist in your life, exactly where you need it.

All of our personal assistants are thoroughly vetted and reference checked according to strict regulatory requirements and have all undergone comprehensive training courses to gain the skills needed to fully support you at home.

Everyday assistance

We provide services to assist with your day-to-day life, whether you are too busy to pop out to pick up your prescription or have an urgent errand that needs running. With special attention to only helping with the aspects you want by adapting to your changing needs, our support can make the world of difference.


Doing a weekly shop is an essential part of many routines but can also be a long and laborious process that many could do without. Your personal assistant can help with picking up a few essential items and can even accompany you to large supermarkets. Not only this, a casual day out browsing your local shops can be an even more enjoyable activity when there’s someone to share this with.

Attending appointments

Medical appointments can be stressful and fast-paced, so it can feel like you do not have time to take in all the information. It can be beneficial to have another person there to have a second pair of ears to pick up more details. They can also simply be there to offer companionship as you sit in the waiting room.

Picking up prescriptions

Remembering to order your long-term prescription and getting to the pharmacy can sometimes be difficult to fit into your week. The stress of running out of your medication can be alleviated through knowing you have the option of someone else picking it up for you. With your instructions, a personal assistant will be able to travel to your pharmacy and have your medication waiting for you when you get home.

Concierge services

Booking travel, making dinner reservations and providing information about local attractions are all things we can assist with. You may have a special occasion coming up which you need help organising or want to arrange a weekend away with a loved one. An assistant can be there to go over the finer details and make the important phone calls for you.

Admin and letter writing

Letters from internet providers, energy providers and the bank can pile up and seem unmanageable without someone to help you go through them. Your personal assistant can support you by organising and prioritising important documents and writing return letters if required.

Support with social activities

Support from a personal assistant means that you are able to have help with engaging in your interests while still retaining your independence. They can assist you in a number of hobbies, such as:

  • Going out for lunch or dinner
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Organised groups such as the Women’s Institute or crafts
  • Exercise classes

As a fully regulated service, we place importance on helping you in all areas of your life. The time you spend with your loved ones is often held close and we want to help you do this as much as possible. Dedicated staff are available to come with you to social gatherings, either to simply transport you there or to assist you during the engagements as well.

With careful consideration of the individual strengths of our workers, we will try to pair you with somebody who has the same hobbies and interests. This means that not only do you have someone to help you carry out errands and other odd jobs but will be also able to connect with them.

Carer-assisted travel

It is important to be able to access your local community in order to feel connected, so we place prominence of selecting assistants who are confident in helping you travel.

Helen (pictured here), a live-in customer, has enjoyed a number of holidays along with the help of her carer. She has been able to visit her local marina and go away to Lake District to make the most of some sunny weather.

The option to get out and about is a very inviting one and this is amplified when the responsibility of driving is taken off your shoulders. Our personal assistants can help you get to different places through using your own car. You will still be surrounded by your own belongings but can sit back and relax as you travel to your destination together.

Navigating public transport can sometimes seem daunting as it relies heavily on specific times and locations. However, it can be made easier if you have someone to share the responsibility with. Checking through timetables together and getting to the bus stop or train station in time can start to feel exciting rather than a chore.

How to arrange visiting care

Speak to our team

Call our team of experts on 01206266815 to talk through your options and any questions you may have regarding your care

A free home care assessment

Your local Smile health care manager will visit you to discuss your requirements and learn about the type of carer you’re after.

Find your perfect carer

We’ll help to match you with a carer that meets your preferences and has the right skills and experience for your needs.


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