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When to Consider Home Help from a Paid Carer

The flexibility of our home care services allows you to live safely and comfortably in the place you know best: home. From daily or weekly care visits to dedicated support from an in-house caregiver, many home care services are available, including on short notice and by the hour.

The goal of home care is to encourage an independent living that is tailored to you and your bespoke care plan will reflect your exact needs to ensure your support is fully focused on you, with as little or as much support as you need.

If you or a loved one needs support at home, funding options are available. call us today.

What are home care services?

The flexibility of our home care services enable you to live safely and comfortably in the place you know best – your home. From daily or weekly care visits, right through to the dedicated support of a live-in carer, there are plenty of homecare services available, even on a short-term, hour-by-hour basis.

The ultimate goal of home care is to promote independent living that suits you, and your bespoke care plan will reflect your exact needs to ensure that your support is focused entirely around you, with as little or as much support as you need.

What is home help?

Home care is the generic term for care services that are provided at home as an inpatient or visiting to promote independence and quality of life.

We understand that there are times when we all need a little extra support; whether it is housekeeping, personal care, medication or mobility assistance, your Smile Health Care carer is committed to providing you with peace of mind.

Our Home Care provides the extra support, security and companionship you may need to continue living independently at home.

Home care is not limited to the home, however. Your chosen caregiver will help you get out there and enjoy your hobbies and interests like you always have. They can even accompany you on vacation or visit your beloved family and friends, so there really is no compromise in your social activities and lifestyle.

More than a home care agency

By choosing "Smile health care" Home Care, you’re safe in the knowledge that our full range of homecare services is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). Unlike a homecare agency, we’re widely recognised as one of the UK’s top home care providers.

We’re here to fully support you with our exceptional home help, regardless of your health care needs, and we will work closely with you and your loved ones to provide a package of care that suits you. Get in touch with us to talk through your care requirements by calling us today on 01206266816.

Regulated in home care services

Not all home care is regulated, but when you choose us, you are choosing a service managed by a CQC Registered Care Manager and their dedicated team to support you and your family.

This means your carer's pay, training and assessment will be handled on your behalf, as well as regular check-ups and monitoring to ensure you are receiving the best possible care.

When should I consider home help?

There is no set time, medical condition, or diagnosis to consider home help from a professional home care provider. It is accessible when you feel like you need extra support to complete daily chores, prepare meals, or live life the way you want.

Many people first organize home care to help them with light tasks such as cleaning, changing beds, vacuuming and preparing meals, especially after discharge from hospital. They can then increase the number of visits and length of calls they have to help with self-care, getting to appointments, and keeping company. This can even be converted into a 24 hour residence or night care.

Home care is available for everyone aged 18 to 100 and over, and we can also provide care to support specific conditions such as dementia care. When you choose home care, you are also choosing to stay in the area you know and love, rather than moving to care facilities.

How can a home care service help me?

There are many elements of home care that can help you – or both of you if you are living with a spouse or partner. Not only does home care support you directly, but it also provides extra reassurance for family members who can’t always be there that you are getting the help you need.

Benefits of our homecare services include:

  • Maintaining independence
  • Living at home and not moving into residential care
  • Bespoke support for your specific needs and preferences
  • One-to-one care on your terms
  • Keeping home comforts – for example, staying with pets
  • Being close to your local community and friends
  • Flexible support that can change when if and when your needs do
  • Palliative care and end of life support
  • Condition-led support for learning disabilities, dementia care and other complex care requirements
Why is it worth choosing Smile Healthcare for home care?

From 30-minute respite visits to full time care, we have the skills, knowledge, and compassion to provide the highest level of care.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). They closely monitor our services, our leadership, our training and the overall quality of the care we provide. This ensures that the support we provide is safe, flexible and effective while doing what we and your care plan expect.

We understand that as the situation evolves, your situation may change rapidly. We're here every step of the way, offering personalized support tailored to your needs

How to arrange home care

With a dedicated customer team, arranging care is just a phone call away, who will talk through all of your needs with you and arrange a consultation with a local care manager – arranging home care for you or your loved one couldn’t be easier.

Speak to our team

Call our team of experts on 01206266815 to talk through your options and any questions you may have regarding your care

A free home care assessment

Your local Smile health care manager will visit you to discuss your requirements and learn about the type of carer you’re after.

Find your perfect carer

We’ll help to match you with a carer that meets your preferences and has the right skills and experience for your needs.

Home care offers the extra support, reassurance, and companionship that may be needed for you to continue living at home as independently as is possible. Home care will keep you in your home, community, and around the family you love.

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