Domiciliary Care

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Domiciliary care is the range of services established to support an individual in their own home and is available to individuals who need additional assistance with housework, personal hygiene or other activities that enable them to improve their quality of life and independent living. We provide ongoing support that is completely tailored to your needs and routines.

Many families are turning to domiciliary care, also known as home care, because it allows them to regain control of the support they receive. With personalized one-to-one care, from 30 minutes per week to multiple visits per day or overnight support, our care plans are completely tailored to you. You can even choose to have a live-in caregiver live in your home to provide 24-hour care.

Smile health care is licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and run by registered manager who ensure they follow codes of practice at all times. Care with us is also fully managed, with ongoing support from our home care experts from start to finish.

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What is domiciliary care?

With domiciliary care, you or your loved one can continue to stay in the place you feel most comfortable – at home. You may be starting to find it difficult to complete different areas of your routine and want some support whilst staying in familiar surroundings.

Regular home visits from a fully trained care worker, from 30 minutes through to several hours a day, can be arranged to help you with a wide range of everyday tasks, including:

  • Personal and continence care
  • Managing medication
  • Helping to mobilise in and around the home
  • Household tasks and meal preparation
  • Clinical care, including catheter and stoma management and PEG feeding

Like live-in care, domiciliary care offers a valuable source of companionship. Seeing a familiar face every day, or a couple of times a week, brings comfort, a feeling of safety and friendship – as with elderly care, this form of social care also benefits mental health, as a care worker will be able to provide the much needed companionship. Care assistants are not just trained in delivering the physical aspects of care, but also offering emotional support, encouragement and reassurance.

Who is domiciliary care for?

Domiciliary care is for anyone who wants to stay at home while receiving the treatment they need. This type of care can be beneficial to people of all ages. This treatment can include recuperation, convalescence, and rehabilitation, amongst other areas.

Our fully trained carers can provide medical support including catheterisation, convene, PEG feeding and suppositories, to name just a few. All our caring staff are managed by our team of clinical care nurses who will work with you to create a unique care plan – making your life easier as you receive care in your home.

We also work closely alongside district nurses and occupational therapists when required to ensure that we are able to deliver care that meets your specific needs – whether it be disability care, types of dementia care, nursing care or even companionship care.

How domiciliary care works with "Smile health care"

You will receive your own bespoke care package tailored to your unique needs, and you will have your own private carer from our "Smile health care" team. They will help you achieve yours or your loved one’s personal needs and wishes, while supporting you through your plan.

Each plan is flexible and unique, and all existing routines are taken into account – whether there’s a certain nightly overnight care routine that you have, medication schedule that you follow, or a hobby that’s important to you.

If, for whatever reason, you or your loved one’s needs change, the carer will still be there to help, and will be as flexible as possible when delivering your care. At Smile health care, we put your needs above everything else.

Why choose domiciliary care over a care home?

Domiciliary care is for anyone who wants to stay in their own home but may need some extra help with personal care, medication management, household tasks or any other activity in order for that to happen.

For some families, care homes provide everything that’s required and are seen as a safe environment for their loved ones where they can have constant access to the support they need. But the comfort and familiarity of being at home is often overlooked as an option. This is where the benefits of domiciliary care can be seen.

One of the main benefits of domiciliary care is that it provides a substantial level of support without impacting on your loved one’s independence.

Our flexible and unique care plans can also accommodate for existing routines and special circumstances, which means minimal upheaval or changes to your existing schedule.

What does a domiciliary care worker do?

Domiciliary carers, also known as home carers or private carers, are paid professionals that help to keep people living independently in their own homes through daily visits or live-in care. Their role is focused on the individual and their needs, helping to maintain quality of life and independence through the following:

  • personal care
  • administering medication
  • preparing meals
  • helping with household tasks
  • companionship
  • day to day errands
  • and so much more
How much does domiciliary care cost?

By choosing "Smile health care" for domiciliary care, you’re choosing a fully regulated and managed homecare service. There are no setup fees, no agency fees, no long notice periods and no hidden costs.

See our prices for live-in care and our visiting care costs for more details. The price of our domiciliary care services is very dependent upon your individual care needs, so please speak to us to get a full breakdown.

With Smile health care, we’re always upfront about our costs and outline all the fees when you call us. Our team can also talk you through the funding options that may be open to you, including local authority or continuing healthcare (CHC) funding.

Domiciliary care is a term commonly used to define the range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home.

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